Friday, April 15, 2011

Street Art Auction for Traditional Health Care in India

Its been 2 weeks since I've blogged that's a while, but I got something worthwhile to blog about!

Melbourne based charity Traditional Healthcare are having a fundraiser in June with a focus on Melbourne street art. We are raising funds to build a sustainable healthcare facility in India.

Surface POP and Melbourne Street Art are helping with gathering works from the Melbourne Street Art Community. 
 We have been asking Artists to donate and become a part of this event...
We have had the most awesome response and have the most epic line up - were expecting this list to grow as well! 

Paul Sonsie
Jo Simard
Junky Projects
The Doctor
Fresh Chop
Bon Bonoir
Marcus McDonald
Be Free
Precious Little
Aaron McKenzie
Phoenix the Street Artist
Ryan McGennisken
Baby Guerilla
Bados Earthlings
Fletcher Andersen
IRK (Jak Rapmund)
Kinyobi ishi
Rachee renee
Ana Kush
Bel Kopcheff
Lisa Mortimore

We have established this page on Facey as a CALL OUT to all Street Artists 

The promotions that we are trying to organise for the donating artists include poster promotion, Radio interviews on 3CR and RRR and maybe PBS. We will also be writing articles for news papers and gathering comments from the artists.

I have a real personal belief in the cause, as my background is in Traditional Healthcare, Shiatsu, Oriental, Therapies and Yoga, I was already a member of this group before Melbourne Street Art approached Surface POP to be involved, it just feels so amazing to have two of my loves meshing, Street Art and spreading the love for Traditional Healthcare World wide!

Check out this link: Traditional Healthcare in INDIA from 2009 to see what incredible work these guys are up too - it totally blows my mind.

You can also join their facey page Traditional Healthcare Inc.

AND the event page for the Street Art Auction, that includes MC's and DJ's, prizes and cheap booze Bricks Beats and Pockets - A Traditional Healthcare Fundraiser Event

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