About Surface POP

We are low brow POP-UP concept Gallery and Exhibition space 
with "no fixed abode"
in Melbourne Australia.
Also Creative Artist Management Representatives
Both local, Interstate and Overseas.

Our concept is about fusing elements of art, design, installation and Culture to change the way people see space, By re-visioning and visiting our interaction with everyday living.

We focus on the urban, low brow, street, edgy, illustrative, underground and the nu-contemporary.

 Our Vision is to shape a creative evolving purposeful space to highlight great art, installation & design. 
Space that is expansive, transformative and future focused. 
We plan to encourage and offer opportunities to artists/designers, professional and those not yet signed by galleries or starting out as we are. 
We want to create networks, community, collaborate, incubate and generate more LOVE for great design and art - that’s expressive, innovative, fresh, and engaging.

Our Gallery concept collaborates with many other creatives, artists, designers and curators, and we love the idea of linking in with other galleries and business to make it POP!

We plan to run Gallery and Exhibition space in a 
new way — so.......watch this space!

Aaron is a a hand’s on artist, creating hand painted and perspective artwork, creating environments or façades that transforms space.
Renee is a Health Practitioner & Yoga Teacher who's love for space, design & collaboration is helping accomplish their overall vision.
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