Friday, July 22, 2011

Surface POP goes underground

What a ride the past 8 months has been.

I feel so grateful for meeting and being in the presence of such immense creativity and talent.

We are going a little underground.

Surface POP is now back to our "original pop-up concept
 "no fixed abode" 
Where will we be holding our next exhibition?
You will have to follow our blog, check our website and facebook & Twitter, so you don't miss the location & address!

 Back to that Vision of a Transformative space.

A "home base" will Rue de Fleurus Salon/Bar that we are opening in Gertrude street, that space is going to be off the hook, open fire, grand piano, a full kitchen set up for amazing chefs to do their thing, and of course a pretty fantastic Bar.

We want to run exhibitions in an event style manner, so they are totally embracing for the artist their profile and us. Mind blowing all encompassing, sensory overload kind of openings! Sometimes Collaborate with food, fashion, live street art, music, installation, performance.....

Surface POP will also function as an Artist Representative an Agency concept of sorts.

Like we have been doing with Be Free, but with other artists, both Street, illustrative, photographic, installation etc.... be the artist voice, this is especially good for street artists whose Identities are to remain completely sealed but are ready to balance some gallery exposure with their street work .

Surface POP as an artist representative will make connections and collaborations with other galleries, spaces and possibilities both interstate, national and overseas. 

Surface POP will either run an exhibition as " Curated by Surface POP" in a specific gallery either as a collaborative project or just as Surface POP. Or just be the agent for the artist exhibiting under another gallery.

 just a little tweaking and streamlining, and a little running under the radar for now.

 Renee is also going back into practice as a Shiatsu Therapist and Healer again, you can check out her  FACEY page and blog for info.

see you on the other side - and feel free to call us if you have any questions, or would like to know about any of the artists featured on this blog.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Surface POP Artist - ▲ Ryan McGennisken

From the moment I first laid eyes on Ryan's work, I got that "feeling" I just knew he had that something something.
 Surface POP are very excited (actually quite beside ourselves!) too be doing  Ryan's First Solo this Year, (dates to be released) with our new plans for Surface POP as a pop-up concept, we will find Ryan the most delicious space that he can transform to create,  what I reckon, one of the most inspiring solos you will see for 2011.
Believe me, I've seen how this kids brain works, hes a maelstrom of awesomeness, and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Im just a wee bit Proud......

Our posse over at INVURT again produced an AMAZING interivew with Ryan
You can go straight there by clicking right....... HERE.

Aidan "SPRINKES" McKenzie

As the name says it, Aidan is a relative of us at Surface POP which is SO awesome!

 Aidan Sprinkles McKenzie is also up there leading in Street Art and is also as Heesco is competing to win Secret Wars Australia 

Surface POP are a bit emotionally involved with 2 of our fav boys holding top seed!

Anyways heres a vid....


Heesco, is up there as one of Australia's top graffiti and street artists and is a finalist in Secret Wars Australia

This Video is epic!

HEESCO @ Westsyde Connection 2011, from Kiah Roache-Turner on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love a bit of Media

 Comida Bebe had a fantastic write up in The Age a few days ago and  Surface POP got a small mention.

 "This year, the guys participated in an Italy-versus-Spain cook-off at Arteveneta as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and collaborated on a pop-up art exhibition with Surface Pop, an organisation supporting emerging artists and designers"

The collaboration with these talented lads has been awesome and with our bar Rue de Fleurus opening in Gertrude Street this month Comida bebe will be fronting the first event with Passion Victims as part of the State of Design Festival  

Exciting things to come! 

Surface POP exhibition late last year in St Kilda with Comida Bebe providing the POP UP gastronomic feast 

Trippin' North

Be Free, Melbourne Street Art and Surface POP  just returned from a road Trip to NSW, Queensland and the Gold Coast.

We got up early in the middle of the night
for missions
to catch planes
we ate on the go
drank to much coffee
 had lunch with Shida, Beastman & Jae Copp in Surfers
we scoped spots
and got yelled at
we caught trains
hailed taxes
moaned about the cost
walked a million miles
got lost
found our way
GPS became our best allie 
made awesome new friends
saw a load of art
made a movie
took some photos
went to galleries
made some epic possibilities
felt content
told a million stories
felt inspired
got impressed
got unimpressed
fall asleep in weird places
found ourselves in unusual circumstances 
saw many alleyways 
meet alley people
made art
swapped art
took risks
played it safe
watched the sun rise
soaked in the warmth
shivered in the cold

all in 4 days

Good Morning Queensland

Be Free - Surry Hills Sydney
Be Free - Newtown Sydney

Be Free - Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Be Free - Newfarm Brisbane

Bhats & Shida - Brisbane
Shida and Beastman - Surfers Paradise festival

A note we found blue tacked to the bitumen  - Newfarm Brisbane

Jugglers Art space - Brisbane

An Alley in the Valley Brisbane

Surfers paradise

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bright Young Things - Surface POP interview for Art Auction Fundraiser

Bright Young Things is on Sunday night's 10pm on Channel 31
Its an awesome new show feat. popular culture around Melbourne.

Surface POP curated the Traditional Heath care Art Auction a few weeks back and we where lucky to have a nice spot in this feature, an interview with myself and one of our artists Doctor on Melbourne Street Art, and our motivation around Traditional Health Care  and their amazingness.

Have a watch!

                                   BTTV Bricks Beats & Pockets from Tinny Tang on Vimeo.
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