Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trippin' North

Be Free, Melbourne Street Art and Surface POP  just returned from a road Trip to NSW, Queensland and the Gold Coast.

We got up early in the middle of the night
for missions
to catch planes
we ate on the go
drank to much coffee
 had lunch with Shida, Beastman & Jae Copp in Surfers
we scoped spots
and got yelled at
we caught trains
hailed taxes
moaned about the cost
walked a million miles
got lost
found our way
GPS became our best allie 
made awesome new friends
saw a load of art
made a movie
took some photos
went to galleries
made some epic possibilities
felt content
told a million stories
felt inspired
got impressed
got unimpressed
fall asleep in weird places
found ourselves in unusual circumstances 
saw many alleyways 
meet alley people
made art
swapped art
took risks
played it safe
watched the sun rise
soaked in the warmth
shivered in the cold

all in 4 days

Good Morning Queensland

Be Free - Surry Hills Sydney
Be Free - Newtown Sydney

Be Free - Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Be Free - Newfarm Brisbane

Bhats & Shida - Brisbane
Shida and Beastman - Surfers Paradise festival

A note we found blue tacked to the bitumen  - Newfarm Brisbane

Jugglers Art space - Brisbane

An Alley in the Valley Brisbane

Surfers paradise


  1. peter warringtonJuly 12, 2012 at 9:35 AM

    shit. marrickville council out this morning cleaning the two gorgeous pieces off the Hub in Newtown. fucking phillistines. we got some nice shots on tuesday luckily. please come back again soon x

  2. whoops. mea maxima culpa. they've painted all of the front of the Hub except Be Free's girl. my sources were unreliable. my big feet are in my big mouth. apologies to council, they remain some of my favourite, enlightened people : ) (and then I found another of her pieces one the way home. how lucky can you be...)

  3. peter warringtonJuly 20, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    apology retracted : (


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