Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opening night - Phoenix the Street Artist - IN HERE.OUT THERE Exhibition

I love this exhibition, we are very honoured to have this body of work in our humble little space.
Phoenix's work in the street and on the galley wall, triggers off a whole range of thought provoking questions, about ecology, nature, synergy, politics science, art...... and my personal fav the unconscious mind.

Its not just the content of his work, its the way he goes about doing it, analog styles, cutting and pasting (with glue and scissors not a mouse and a click) layering and texturising, bodies of work that could, and will still be something else entirely different from what it might have started out from, imagery that repeats itself through many different forms, he likes repetition... as Phoenix says 'it takes 10'000 hours of practice (repetition) to become a genius'
Some might just say Phoenix is that, a genius!

Dean Sunshine who is a LEGEND! organised Stella Artois as beer sponsorship and CASSETTE to do our epic layout and print job of the flyer.

Dean Sunshine has a great blog called Land of Sunshine that's ALL about archiving Street Art - he has done a post featuring a collection of Phoenix's pix on the street, many that are now hanging on the wall in the gallery space.

There has been a heap of Media around Phoenix's exhibition at Surface POP, including The Age, Beat Mag, Inpress Mag,  Super Future, Life Lounge,  T-Squat, many on-line blogs and a nice little wrap up from INVERT  big ups from Deano, Phoenix and Surface POP for the props.

Robert Lukins article that featured in Inpress can be viewed HERE on his personal blog, its a well crafted and thought out article about Phoenix rising from the ashes

 When I finally watched 'Exit through the gift shop' last night, I was in fits of laughter watching Shepard Fairey at the photocopy machine..... bit of a private joke..... but I totally think Phoenix should marry Office Works - or in the very least own one!

Aarrrh the life of a Street Artist.....

The story that made Phoenix is well worth a read, you can click on the pic below to enlarge and you can also read it direct from flickr HERE

Phoenix has some Awesome sets up on Flickr to check out.....

And you can check and link straight to the album of the installation day and Opening night Pix HERE 

my back door at Surface POP with a little paste up add on....

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