Friday, March 18, 2011

Surface POP is moving!

 We are moving to Prahran!

we are moving in with the T-Squat community
and Damselfly

Were going to do a few reno's so we all move into a unit like a a little eternity symbol, airy and light and creative - without bound nor end \infty

DamselflySurface POP will flow into the cafe My friend the Peacock
Our Posse at T-Squat will collaborate with  us - creating a hub - feeling the love for local and international,  low brow, street,  urban, underground art, installation, design, culture and events

Surface POP have some brewing possibility collab's with I N V U R T Studios and ilvia Community too

New address as of Mid April will 20-28 Chatham St Prahran 3181

its all going to be sweet...... :)

T-Squat and Big Dog Creative

My Friend the Peacock

Part of Damselfly as is now - false walls going to move to create bigger space, cafe is on the other side of the wall

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