Monday, October 11, 2010

Day one - 10/10/10

Totally auspicious day for day one! 
So many exciting things happening, so many possibilities, so much flow, this is 
  the beginning of a beautiful thing! 
I was just thinking today as I was mopping the floors in the space, how much love there is out there for a vision as organic as ours! here are some pic's of the evolving space, lets document!

Marcos Davidson Silver rings - Dylan McKenzie Photography

Tom Ripon wire Horse

Front Window - Aaron McKenzie Design Hand painted Cabinet & Nicholas Jones cut up book

Showroom- Thomas Place table Setting, Angelucci cane chairs

Showroom -Aaron McKenzie Design hand painted cabinet

Tom Ripon Horse, Angelucci falcon chairs, Aaron McKenzie Design glass art

The Cool Room industrial work desk - all made to order, Aaron McKenzie Design lightbox

Rick From The Cool Room's 'made to order' Industrial desk, and Scout textiles handmade duvet covers

Aaron McKenzie Design handpainted cabinet and glass art

Deb Cotter ceramic eggs and Aaron McKenzie Design handpainted glass on 'made to order' The Cool Room's Industrial hall table
La Contraste - Sexy single speed fixie - Dylan McKenzie Photography

'The Kiss' by Nicholas Jones hanging over my desk which is The Cool room's 'made to order' work bench

End of day one, Aaron and K X

Mareilla delConte our Arts director and Curator from Art so Far, Rick from The Cool room and our dear friends sharing pizza in celebration of day one.

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