Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marc Pascal - imagination extends beyond form

Something I truly love about Marc Pascal's work is his ability to trigger a personal memory through his use of colour and form, his work in lighting and his objects are so organic, natural, evolving, and spacious, its like he's picked my vision of the space I would like to create and made a light to hang from the celling with it!

I emailed Marc to ask him in all possibility if we could have some of his lighting in the showroom, he was so relaxed and supportive of our baby beginnings, regardless of his design fame, he was totally connected still to the process, our process, and the next day Aaron went to his studio in Thornbury to meet him, what an inspiration - and the result was a beautiful piece of organic pedant lighting that will be hanging from the Showroom/gallery roof - come and see - its a new range!

Marc Pascal 'Uleabe Opposite light' - Pendant

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