Saturday, October 30, 2010


what a night! what an incredible array of talent, a collaboration of many amazing designers and artists.

Aaron McKenzie - Glass art

  Claypots sponsored the launch with drinks and an incredible tray of the most divine mussels that went down a treat, thanks to Renan for your support.

I managed to slip in a speech, thanking Rick from The Cool Room for his unwavering belief and support in us and his understanding of Aaron as an artist in his own right.  Also the Artists and Mariella from Art so Far for there incredible portfolio exhibited at the launch, a feast in so many ways.
Also all the designers that Surface has collaborated with, who also see our vision and whom we are so excited to have exhibit and sell in the showroom.

 The night was so successful we even got a visit from the kids in blue, who I might add where not particularly inventive with the lines they had learned verbatim from police academy when the main issue was just a spill out of people onto the footpath, I didn't particularly love being called "Corey" by them for blogging or sending out an email - I was surprised they didn't see with open eyes the value of such a success in ST Kilda creativity or how to hold a decent adult conversation......  but none the less the word on the street was........ its not a REAL party until the p-o-l-i-c-e arrive!

 So here's a few pix of the night and the launch of the space;

lets engage, lets collaborate. lets shift the way we see space, whats next?

Sunlight reflection


Dylan McKenzie Photographic art

Deborah Walker

Des Hefner
Jane Burton photographic art
Micheal Vale

Des Hefner
Aaron McKenzie - Glass

Drasko Boljevic, Aaron McKenzie


Surface - exterior

Framed big work - Aaron McKenzie

wall of work - Nicholas Jones, Anna White, Andrew Forsythe, Jess Edgar photographic art, Aaron McKenzie works

Rick from the Cool Room, Art so Far works in foreground

Marc Pascal lighting


people and Aaron McKenzie decorative hand painted danish cabinet

The space

Art so far works - David H Thomas, Gavin Brown, Xanthe Waite

The Elwood Kids

Clay pots

Marc Pascal - lighting - dusk :)

the footpath - what a turn out 
Dan Truscott, many works and Aaron
my work station and a wall of art so far portfolio

Aaron, and rick after moving all the furniture back in after the launch

Dylan almost asleep on the Rasando - end of the night

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