Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 Weeks before Xmas at Surface POP

My Xmas Window is coming along very nicely indeed!


 Aaron painted the outside of the shop - for an 'evolving' look


Jo Voight pl~art's - concrete, soil and baby's tears 

 Aaron bought me Dutch clogs for my Jewellery (of course!) and my Jewellery cabinet is coming along finally thanks to representing an incredible Artist  Jermone Frumar

Some of my Small works Artists dropped of their works, Sharman - (local graffiti artist) Andrew Mattock (who will be exhibiting solo at Surface POP next month) and Antoine Toniono (who is at the moment an Artist in resistance in NYC)

I admit that I am Totally in LOVE with Micheal Porter! what can I say..... so excited to have his work, Mic is probably Melbourne's best known and most elusive Street Artist! blog post about him coming soon! he visited me today.... :)

Seems I had 2 out of 4 of my most loved Artists EVER in today, Darren Henderson  came by and dropped me in some work and we chatted about Surfing :)

Aaron bought me some nice things 

 How amazing the space looks as the sun goes down 

Works keep growing and eagerly await to be hung for the Small Works next Friday night

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