Sunday, December 19, 2010

Small Works Exhibition with a TWIST - Opening night and Artists works

After the launch of Treadlie Mag on Wednesday night, Aaron and I transformed the space (again!) into an amazing creative masterpiece of work by around 40 artists for our Small Works Exhibition with a twist, the twist being, able to buy works straight off the walls and gift wrapped for Xmas. 
The exhibition will be up for a long time on Surface POP's terms till January 9th, but the plan is to keep evolving the space, as work sells replace with other small works, either by the same artists, or other artists as some of my artists are overseas and I'm still waiting for their work - looking forward to receiving Vivien Allender's  photographic work from New York this week!
We have work by some well know Artists available at affordable prices all less then $400!

Michael Porter  the king of Street art
  Darren Henderson  one of my all time fav's
Juile Sheilds Queen of Stencil photographic art
Gav Barbey the ultimate Ice artists who has been doing incredible ice installation in NYC
Marcos Davidson Gold and Silversmith, Gem-Hunter, Metallurgist & Plasticquairian- one of Melbourne's first Street artists in the 80's
Andrew Mattock Former professional racing car driver turned Erotica artists who's work could be defined as Street art if you so wanted too!
Aaron McKenzie Urban artist who works with everything from recycled box lids to glass, furniture, hand built lightboxes and big scale Street art.
Nicholas Jones  Australia's most well known Book Sculpture
Jerome Frumar cutting edge design Jeweller and architect
Victor Holder  A Visual Artist in many mediums who  has been exhibiting in Berlin
Alice Rose and her incredible illusion mirage vessels and vases
Wendy Joy Morrissey Incredible Photographic artist who captures moments of life and places, that evoke you to stay and stare, published and in private collections

Michael Porter, Aaron Small works (below)

Darren Henderson, Aaron McKenzie and Despa Hondos (above)

The Evolving space

Gav Barber, and above Juile Shields stencil photographs

Andrew Mattock Drawings, Graffiti to the left by Sharman

Works even on the floor
Gav Barbey Frozen ink pigments on paper, and Bonnie Gillard work on paper

 Lyn Pool Amazing Photographic images sewn on paper

 Aaron McKenzie - small works on lids

Angel Munro's holes and Aaron Mckenzie Works

 That's Wendy Joy Morrissey on the stairs shooting - love that women - she is Style!

 Ben Munro

THE Mic Porter checking out Aaron's recycled box lid Work small works

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