Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surface artists - ilan.el lighting designer

kah-du at Surface waiting to be hung

ilan hanging his balls :)

 I Love synchronicity!
  after the Treadlie launch the other night, Aaron and were cleaning up and there appeared a face in window, we opened the door and introduced ourselves and the next day  ilan.el lights were hanging in Surface POP's window, just-like-that!

ilanel's  passion for innovative design extends beyond the physicality of mere objects. Here, design is about experience - a philosophy that encompasses spatial relationships and the creation of touch points between people, artefact's and their evolving environments.
basically ilan el ROCKS!

Woolball  - hand woven!

Kah-du hand made!

I love love love these - fall - porcelain leaves

nu- based on the concept of contemporary Japanese dance ‘Butoh’
rain - incredible! multi-sensory

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