Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seeing is Believing - Photographic Exhibition - Opening night

 Dr George Malice from RRR's Review on 'Seeing is Believing' at Surface POP
"If you’re feeling a little stressed like me, do yourself a favour, see ‘Seeing is Believing, just pop in to the current Pop Up Exhibition (8-14 Dec 2010). At the opening last night, my eyes had a visual feast.

I entered a magic space, where imagination mingled with photographic images, engagingly curated by Jess Edgar, who, along with Anna Reid, Brent Daniels, Adrian Dennett and Angus Thornett created moments that I had to see to believe.

Stand for a moment, gaze, and then close your eyes in front of Adrian’s waves and see if you don’t’ feel the giddiness from the undertow; inside Angus’ psychiatric wards, where I trained many years ago, see if the echoes of suffering don’t overwhelm your mind; sit in Anna’s luxurious red theatre seats and see if you can hear that solitary note from Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue; take in Brent’ colours, shapes standing still while in fluid motion, and I dare you to not wonder ‘how did he do that?’; and can you look into her distant gaze as Jess captured that girl’s waking day-dreamy eyes… and not sigh?

If you let these images awaken your senses, you may just find that your imagination once ignited will dissolve your day’s stresses. Then, if you are lucky like me, you can again restore your faith that seeing can be even more than just believing. Seeing may just add a spark to renew your imagination – do yourself a favour, pop in to Pop Up and give your senses an imaginative work-out. You won’t regret it"
 You can also check out the previous post about Jessica Edgar  and her photographic 'night walks' around Melbourne and Sydney.
Brent Daniels, Angus Thornett

Anna Reid, Jessica Edgar

Jessica Edgar

Adrian Dennett

Jessica Edgar

Brent Daniels

Anna Reid

Angus Thornett

Jess Edgar and Dr George Malice (legend!)

Dr George talking about Angus Work

space styled by Surface POP :)

contemplation over a Jessica Edgar dreamy work

amazing crew of peeps

Colin (also a legend!) making a speech about the artists and their works

Jessica Edgar, Anna Reid

Brent Daniels, Angus Thornett and Adrian Dennett


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