Friday, December 10, 2010

Today at Surface POP

I saw a Cicada hiding in the Tom Ripon pony

Aaron Bought me the BEST glass Nativity scene for my Xmas widow display
(my plan is to win the St. Kilda Traders Xmas window Competition!)

Donovan from Voici Le BATTEUR showed me my Xmas card selection and told me he has a new range different from what he launched at Surface 2 weeks ago - already BOOM!

Natasha from Luscious Jungle bought me some of her fine Cacti - 'Luscious creations; individually designed and hand planted cacti in glass'

Gloria bought me the most AMAZING Hey Zeus ceramic sculptures - Cobalt blue, Canary yellow, and Burnt orange to come!

Anne from Yumini Design bought me her latest Designer Xmas cards

 I myself displayed my latest finds - Hand made Ruler brooches from Rocky and small but VERY cute Jewellery pieces for an easy gift - necklaces, earrings, brackets

Adrian doubled Surface POP as an I.T office whilst having a coffee with me :)

And Rachel Bough me the BEST gala Apple ever

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