Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surface artists - Jessica Edgar

At Surface we are representing some highly talented Melbourne based Artists, we intend this portfolio to continue, move and grow - as we know that's the exciting vision that Surface holds.

At the space at the moment we have Jess Edgar her Photography is about light capture. Jess’ work is characterized by a close appreciation of natural everyday objects, heightened by her awareness from her Fine Arts & Interior Design education and a pursuit of capturing images with a minimum of post production. A successful image for Jess is one that captures the energy and composition of people and objects in such a way which pleases the eye with its overall sense of balance and colour. Jess has exhibited all over Australia and also New York

 2010, saw Jess founding ‘Photography Night Walks’ a weekly event designed to inspire and build a community of like minded individuals to practice and collaborate in capturing images around Melbourne. This creation of a network for photography enthusiasts of all levels - http://jessicaedgarphoto.com/night-walks/

'Out of the dark' limited edition images -  Surface space and me in the reflection of image

Jess Edger -Photography Night Walks

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