Friday, November 5, 2010

The Humble Vintage - Bike Hire Co.


I love my job!

Today I'm casually sweeping the floor at Surface after a successful morning with the happiest customer purchasing a beautiful Jess Edgar photographic piece, and in walks Matt Hurst - it was without words, I just knew whatever was about to come out of Matt's mouth I was going to agree with.

Matt is a charismatic charming guy with a zest for the creative, starting a business The humble vintage where he hires out vintage bikes to the public along with a printed vintage cycling guide Melbourne for visitors and the casual cyclists to lead you on your way.

Matt has some other bright ideas that I cant let you in on quite yet! and of course I was all ears.  I love this whole concept of collaborating with like minds and this was for sure one of those 'like minds'

 We have The humble vintage bikes at Surface for $30 per day that includes your bike, helmet, lock, light and an ingenious printed riding guide and map, entitled ‘Melbourne for visitors and casual cyclists’

Another really cool synchronicity is that the new Bike mag Treadlie is featuring an article on Matt, and we are hosting their launch in December, I think we will be styling the space with some of The humble vintage bikes maybe hanging from the roof!

I'm so sure Matt wont mind!

Photo of Matt Hurst by Scottie Cameron, courtesy of City of Melbourne, from the Hot Spots Summer 2010 guide. 

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