Monday, November 8, 2010

The Wall two 80 - then and now

My Son Dylan has grown up at Wall two 80, ever since he was a tiny baby I have been drinking coffee, sharing breakfast pides, and Portuguese tarts, meeting friends and spent many an afternoon sitting on my own tucked away at a little table in a corner writing essays, stories or just thinking up my next project.

The Wall has become somewhat of an institution in its 12 years of operation, and has even been classified as one of the most famous ever cafe institutions in the world, now that's a BIG statement.

Aaron many years ago was commissioned to paint the outside of the Wall, after years it has grown tired with its old street art look, and again he will be refreshing the exterior of the Wall with a new look edgy flavour.

As broadsheet says "possibly the most famous Wall in Melbourne" and "Its famous and ever-changing graffiti centrepieces are the stuff of legend" maybe.... just maybe, they might find Aaron's NEW style perspective form of Street art just as legendary.

Until we get some pix up of the NEW look Wall, here's some pix of the last time Aaron did the wall.

Nicko - before he even knew he would be part owner
the bricks

Wall - Aaron and Dylan at age 10

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