Saturday, November 20, 2010

Urban Inside Exhibition - Aaron McKenzie & Drasko Boljevic

The concepts around Street art, working on a large scale and all its techniques, has transformed immensely as it has progressed and layered into the post 80’s visual culture, artistic street art has become the off spring of we all might remember as traditional graffiti.

Public space has a new meaning as this cultural definition of street art shifts our perception of space, as we move on from the idea of what we think 'Street art' or 'street' techniques' are, into this whole new genre of creative expression, an aspect of this is decorative or high art, done on a large scale or in an interior environment that visits this perception of..... what is high art what is street art?

Aaron McKenzie and Drasko Boljevic are showing their exhibition 'Urban Inside' at Surface - opening last night, the exhibition runs till Wednesday 24th November.

Part of the collaboration we are doing with The Cool Room and Comida Bebe involves introducing fine eats, and eventually wines too - creating luscious smells and tastes to allure the senses, while people's eyes are also feasting on the design, product, furniture and art, it becomes a full "sensory overload" - Comida Bebe certainly put on a spectacular feast with black squid ink Paella, the ink obtained from their very own diving expedition, serious business indeed - sherry infused chillies with artichokes and their own cured beef, the most incredible mushroom croquet's that melted in your month!  More on our future plans with Comida bebe later but, I can say Opening night and the 3 paella's that were consumed, the last one a - midnight Paella was incredibly well received, and added a different dimension to the whole concept of 'an opening'

Jessica Edgar Photographer documented the evening for us, and I cannot wait to see those images and will put onto the blog as soon as I do, also  Art So Far's Creative Director  Mariella del Conte with her very keen eye assisted in a fine hanging of Aaron and Drasko's works.

Come and down and check out the Exhibition, it runs till Wednesday the 24th November, before the launch of Donovan's product and brand on Thursday 25th and then Friday the 26th opening night of 3 virgins and a priest.

Aaron And Drasko

Drasko's work - over the horizon

Mariella adjusting Aaron's light boxes


Andreas and Raul - Comida Bebe

Aaron's light box

The sofa and Drasko's work "wheel' work perfectly together

Aaron's light box

Raul making the first Paella

Bar - Surface/Comida :)

Paella number 2 squid ink

Raul and Andreas - Comida Bebe

Aaron light box lite up

Drasko's work

Yossi  from Coomida Bebe and me

Comida signiture

firing up the paella number 3

The stayers

Aaron's lightbox lite

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  1. looks like ya had a sweet good as an opening can be without me anyway...choice one cuzzies...
    nice artwork bro


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