Sunday, November 14, 2010

Surface Artists - Voici Le BATTEUR - Here comes the drummer

Donovan Mann on asking can I please have a paragraph artists statement - this is what I got;

Sciolist. Bluff. Graphic. Humourist. Anarchic. Subtle. Hopeful. Wandering. Pretentious. Thoughtful. Logorrheic. Delicate. Prose. Histrionic. Instinctive. Bile. Lexiphanic. Thelemic. subversive. ultracrepidarian.

After some time on the on-line directory checking work meanings, I can say from what I know of Donovan, all is true (except maybe, well.... bile) - no surprises.

We will with the help of Donovan be launching his Design/Product/Brand on Thursday 25th November at Surface pop 6-8pm 

you intrigued? personal favourite

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