Thursday, November 11, 2010

Surface Artists - Alice Rose - Clay, Sculptor, Painter

Monday is my catch up day, I was home blogging (as you do) my phone rang and on the other end was Alice ' I know your not open today but I'm here from NZ for two more days, and I really want to show you my work' - quick smart on my treadle I jumped, and off I rode to the space, I'm so glad I have my number on the door and 'available out of hours'! 

  Alice's Mirage vases arose from a drawing investigating form and pattern in light and dark. The vase explores the relationship between perspective and perception. By depicting a two dimensional image in three dimensional form, mirage vases appear to exist in a dimension of their very own. Being neither entirely two or three dimensional they seem to resist belonging to either.

Alice  say's 'When an object does not ‘fit’ in the environment, it is both immediately obvious and intriguing. If it persists in not behaving in context the effect may be called an Illusion. Although we may quickly recognise this illusional event as ‘real, not real’ at the same moment, the experience leaves us with a sense of having temporarily shifted our perception.'

Alice and I are very much on the same wave length and she 'gets' what we are trying to do with Surface and revisiting space, as she is doing the same in her work. 
She also creates illusional vessels and sculptural works that explore form.

We are both excited and blessed to have such an experimental talent among our artists and she lives in Dunedin, Aroha! 


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