Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eli Curry & Will Shea - Photographer, Word smith & Surfer[s]

I'm yet to have the pleasure of meeting these two lovely lads, but I get the feeling these two don't take life too seriously - reckon they might just be a little bit fun, I did meet their mate mango, he had a big smile, that's a good start, don't ya think.....

My pirate Robbie, sent me an artist profile on each so here it is....
 Eli Curry has lived on and around Phillip Island his entire life. His love for the ocean and
all it brings to life was passed on from his mum and dad, and his eye for photography
runs in the bloodlines. Surfing has taken him all around the globe, with his array of
photos testament to a life of adventure and experience, both at home and abroad.

Will Shea grew up in the Alpine areas of Victoria, before his love for the ocean brought
him to Phillip Island 10 years ago. His passion for writing started at a young age, and
has seen his work published in various magazines and newspapers in recent years. He
finds his inspiration in his love for travel and the ocean, mixed with a keen interest in
politics and sociology.

peace, love and brown rice.

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