Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rising from the ashes

I was thinking about why Phoenix the Street Artist chose his name, Phoenix rising from the flames and ashes - my train of thought lead me onto imagining if we all each chose an Alter ego, what mine would be? 
A friend of mine who last year almost died from a bike accident came into see me at the shop today and showed me this incredible large scale tattoo she had got yesterday on her back and side, a Phoenix - when I asked,  she said, its about rising from the ashes, the flames, new beginnings....

This week has been intense, my peep Robbie Warden, spent the day at the shop with me on Thursday and many times had to 'check me' because of my obsession with the Christchurch Quake websites, I had every site open on my laptop so I didn't miss a beat, I hadn't got a lot of pressing work done -  my heart, my breathe, my thoughts, every part of me but my physical body was (and still is) in Christchurch.

My friends and family are safe, but the thought of them distressed or concerned for their future, breaks my heart,
what would my Alter ego do?

She would take her strong arms across the Tasman ocean, and hold them tight, she would hold the space for all of the tribe to heal, like a KORU - slowly unfolding it's frond toward the light, renewal.

Superhero - KIA KAHA!

In the words of a blog post I read yesterday from the US of A

'May the silver fern forever remain untarnished; may your efforts to rebuild your cities and lives only serve to burnish its beauty. And in spite of these tough times, may your country forever shine brightly as a beacon to Kiwi generosity and nobility of spirit'

James Watkins Aotearoa ink the kiwi spirit - forever..... Kia Kaha

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