Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nicole Tattlersall - Stencil Artist, Illustrator, Surfer

The second of my two Women represented...
Nicole Tattlersall  is a Melbourne Based Artist and has been creating works since 2006 and is most well known known for her stencil art, illustration and installation works. 
Which lend themselves to convey the context of the piece and the overall feel of the work through a selection of mixed mediums, from the innocence and creative minds of two children to the dirty look created to interpret the streets of a busy city.
Nicole's style has changed several times throughout the years from simple outlines to her now exhibited urban inspired stencil and illustrative works. The use of stenciling as a technique came about when she wanted to start to customise her own surfboards.
 Nicole also has a facebook page you can check out.

Nicole Tattlersall

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