Monday, February 14, 2011

Matt Yeates - Artist, Surfer, Shaper, Man of many trades!

Matt Yeates who started Sea surfboards in 2001 with buddy Dain Thomas is a Mulit talent in many artist mediums.
Matt has worked with many recognized shapers and artists (Bob Mctavish, Rich Pavell, Steve Lis, Dave Parmenter, Thomas Campbell, Alex Kopps…to name a few), making surfboards, clothes, doing art shows.

 Matty Yeates  co-made with Johnny Abegg the limited edition experimental film  “___” (zine & DVD) that we have had as part of Surf Bike POP all immersion exhibition!
Matt also is doing good things with my friend Brodie Jackson
 [who is also part of Surf bike POP]

I hope Matty doesn't mind, I send him a facey add and ripped a pic of him for this blog post!
Hopefully we can get Matty involved in some Surface POP future projects - I reckon this guy is FULLY skilled - it will be a pleasure too work with him -

I'm feelin' Sam Smith, Nick Chalmers, Matty Yeates and Beastman! hummmmmm!
and then....... I realized A- Mac [Untill Never - City Lights] had already done it! still...... A-Mac is a legend and I totally rate all he has done, he is a visionary!

Matt Yeates - Hoiser Lane

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