Thursday, February 3, 2011

Media - Long Boarding Australia on-line

What a couple of days!
I have been meaning to blog about all my artists but time has slipped into the vortex of surf immersion.
but do keep reading regularly as I intent to get though each and every one of my amazing artists over the next week, of the St. Kilda Fest.

props to my mate Robbie Warden [you probably know him quite well by now] Robbie did some media pitch today and got our press release into Australian Longboarding mag - on-line and because my email has been down for the last 24 hours [thanks bigpond!]
Robbie has also been following up my list of press contact - I am blessed to have him! 

On the media note, a Journalist from the 'Age Newspaper' rang me today about doing an article on the exhibition..... it was one of those 'they followed me up' moments...
I'm been waiting for one of those! 

frame courtesy of Robbie Warden

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