Monday, February 7, 2011

Surf bike POP - All SURF immersion OPENING night - Floods, Fire and Famine

"There was flood, fire and famine (the beer ran out). Was it the apocalypse? 

Nope, just a night out at surface pop!"

- Darren Skadiang - punter

 SURF bike POP - all Surf Culture Immersion   

it was baptism by immersion for Surface POP  by the Surf Water Gods! 

After a smooth start to the evening with Slabs from Cricketers Arm Larger on ice and The Deus Ex Machina Motorcycle  delivered, with pride of place, bodies started pouring into the gallery to get an eyeful of our amazing line-up, the space was jammed with hot beings after a muggy inner city Summers day, before anyone noticed the waves lapping at the door and the flood waters rising right on Carlisle Street, Ghost Mutt from the Surf Coast, where all set to play, and it was a MAD rush to get all their gear off the floor and too higher ground. 

After the fire brigade came to check the small electrical fire we had, a few of us sat in candle light with a few bottles of red, (that had been stashed away for a "rainy day" :)) ready to go down with the ship if another Storm front came through. Nothing was damaged and we have been left with an opening no-one will ever forget.
Was it fortuitous to have the water lapping at the door of a Surf exhibition like this one - that has never been done in Victoria before? totally!
it's a Omen! :)

We keep hearing about loads of people who were on their way to the Opening when the storm hit, so come on down the exhibition runs it the 20th Feb - Support this great artistic culture!

Heres a few pix by Robbie Warden of the evening, you can also check out the entire Album here.

Photo's courtesy of Robbie Warden
And..... a few of My Deus pix :)

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