Friday, February 11, 2011

Simon Perini - photographer, Graphic Designer, Surfer

I have already posted some of Simon's incredible photographic works up from the Deus ex machina post I did a few weeks ago - you can check out.

Simon hails from Sydney and I was honoured when Simon agreed to take part in Surf bike POP, We admire him and hold him very highly as a Surf photographic artist - he's taken the time out to stay connected through email.
It's a real pleasure to have his work hanging on the walls at Surface POP
 Simon is such a lovely genuine person!

From Rake Surf Boards blog.....

"Simon lives in a small coastal town on the South Coast of NSW Australia. He lives in a small house with windows that let in the sound of the ocean. Inside his house he provides refuge for a large collection of unwanted vintage cameras rejected for their lack of megapixels. Simon takes compassion on them and gives them new life. He searches second hand stores, friend’s garages and old timers cupboards for them. He appreciates what others deem as their faults, takes them home, feeds them film and gives them purpose"

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