Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deus ex Machina Motorcycles - excitement!

I sent and email off to Deus ex Machina Motorcycles last Friday a pitch to have one of their stunning pieces of machinery in Our SURF bike POP exhibition, and within an hour Omar called me from Sydney totally excited about the concept and to tell me Dues would love to fly a bike down from Sydney - that's the 'now' part of my Deus story, the 'start' part of the Deus story goes like this.......

I was in Bali over June/July I went around to have dinner with friends (actually Dougal from SBS RocKwiZ) and meet Robert Moore who was a Mambo designer now hand paints surf boards for Deus....and that was my introduction to Deus......I was in love, like Lisa says in  the 'Mypods and Bromsticks' episode of the Simpson's  "I never thought a company could be my soulmate' :)

So Surface POP are excited to announce collaboration with Deus THE sexist motorcycles ever!

When I grow up I'm going to ride A Deus ex Machina!

Here some awesome pix by Simon Perini of a photo shoot he did for Deus,
 this guy is a master of his trade, and I cannot wait to see his works up on our gallery wall!

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