Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Johnny Abegg - Filmmaker & Pro Surfer

Johnny Abegg was one of the first Artists to get back to me when I did my big pitch.
With baited breath I waited to hear back from some of the top artists, illustrators, photographers and filmmakers in the local and international surf world, Johnny was right there within hours of my pitch, totally into our concept. 
Johnny's film Two Weeks has just recently finished touring the country, a must see. 
We will have Johnny and Matty Yeates limited edition experimental film  “___” (zine & DVD) which was a finalist in the amstel surfilm festibal-2010 in Spain
( you can interpret your own title for   “___” )

The film will be playing in our little special "film room" at Surface POP gallery during opening night of Surf bike POP exhibition and then during the extent of the exhibition and St Kilda Festival - it will also be available for sale.

 Quote - "This surf/party underworld, away from the idealistic locations and groomed surf pornography. Exploring the fragmented world of a surf culture, through the blurred eyes of a few"

love this guy!


"Nose love"

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