Sunday, January 30, 2011

Josh Rufford - Artist, Graphic Designer, Creative Spirit

Josh Rufford is an extraordinary  artist - working with a strong focus on drawing while maintaining a significant multiple-medium practice. He likes to draw, paint and animate working with pens, ink, acrylic, watercolours and any kind of found objects to create interesting visual compositions. 
He works as a graphic designer/pre-press operator by day and freelance illustrator/animator by night.
Josh does these amazing post it note flick animations that are well worth a look, Super talented guy! 
I have to give props to Josh for sending me the most detailed installation map, it's so amazing I almost think its worth exhibiting! 
I'm a MASSIVE fan - as is my 13 year old son Dylan, I sent a message to Josh the other day saying - don't be surprised if you suddenly find you have a heap of 13 year old skater boy fans from Melbourne!
Josh  creates a heap of characters - best to check out his site (which changes so its always interesting) to see them all - I just choose the budgie as they are a personal fav.
He also has a fan page on facey, check it out, and recently started up a page RuffBat Creative with his creative partner Rhiannon Claire McLay, I can only imagine the inspiration and colour in that household! 

How could you NOT want to hang with this guy! 

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