Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peter Webb - Artist, Surfer & Total Legend

Peter Webb is one of the most reputed artists of the Board Culture; and one of the most underground. He owes his renown to the fact that his creations have been used by Quiksilver for the past 20 years; and his underground reputation to the fact that he has never signed his work, which are recognized as his for their definitive style. As a dedicated artist, Peter has been able to let his imagination run free full-time, providing the world of surfing and then snowboarding with an incredible number of visuals. 

While Peter’s work was the foundation for Quiksilver’s graphical identity at the company’s debut, as the industry grows his visibility diminishes with the plethora of new work. He pioneered a technique that has become a craft today: 
Peter’s compositions, his history and his commitment to Art above all else guarantees the Rock ‘n Roll attitude of the Board Culture. Long life!

Peter will have this work 'Chigasaki Express' and also an Awesome painting just completed of Kelly Slater for sale at our all surf immersion exhibition SURF bike POP

Peter Webb & his Kelly Slater Work

Chigasaki Express 

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