Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ryan Heywood - Photographic artist, Art Director & Pro Surfer

Ryan Heywood Walked into the gallery a few weeks back, I took a moment,  and shyly asked "are you Ryan Heywood"  I totally knew it was Ryan, he has a pretty distinctive look -  I was running through my mind the fact that only the day before, I had emailed a pitch to him, I was wondering if he was there, maybe because he got my pitch? so I said "Ryan did you get my email?" he was like "No, my mates and I where just next door having breakfast" I was like "no way"~! 
(I was probably really animated when I said that)
We were both pretty stocked with the Synchronicity, I pretty much attached meaning to the fact that SURF bike POP would be a monster of a success - I'm a big fan of Heywood's work.
BUT, then he was like "hang on" and a few moments later in walked Luke Taaffe!
then I knew we where a monster! :)

 The thing about Ryan Heywood is his perception. He sees things that regular people don’t. He has an eye for angles, levels and detail that escape the normal human being, his work is incredibly intuitive.
There's something dreamy about Heywood's work, that draws you in and makes you believe you where actually there the moment that frame was taken.
His fashion and portrait work is phenomenal, and his Surf portfolio is equally impressive
Heywood is represented by Nouvelle Vague in Venice California. 

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