Sunday, January 30, 2011

Luke Taaffe - Artist, designer & Surfer

I recently read an interview about Luke Taaffe and something the Journalist said touched a cord with me about Luke as It's so very true about his character they said '...... this guy deserves an amount of undivided attention for the progress, passion, and determination to which he’s applied his creative skills over the past few years …' I only meet Luke Briefly (with Heywood at the Surface showroom) but that's the vibe I got, and subsequently through emails. he is so incredibly approachable, we feel so fortunate to be exhibiting Taaffe.

" My inspiration is an organic experience where I draw on my life's experiences around the ocean and surf.
 I try to capture the beauty, power and terror that that the ocean can bring to our lives which in turn is showing my respect for it. 
I feel there is a constant struggle of balance between man and the environment and I try and capture this through these isolated and almost dark scenes.
 I guess this a reflection of how I have felt the last four years with the passing of my father. There is always a lot of colour within my work and that is because the coast is like a wonderland to me- ever changing and always beautiful. 
I feel my work as an artist has only just begun and I'm excited and positive about the future"

 Taaffe is represented by Retrospective galleries NSW and works as a graphic artist for surf brand Roxy/Quiksilver based in Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia.

'New Dawn'

'New Waters'
Frame Of Taaffe Courtesy of Ryan Heywood

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