Saturday, January 1, 2011

Media - Green Magazine issue 17 January - February 2011

If you have never seen Green Mag then go get it, you can purchase it all over Australia and New Zealand, and for those overseas they have an on-line edition too. 
Personally I love the hard copy, they print on quality recycled paper and its always a pleasure to flick through the pages, it reads well, it holds well, and the photography and articles are always enticing.

They have a section called  "Up Front" where they highlight interesting stuff that has a 'environmental or sustainable flavour' and this issue Surface POP popped up.

As I don't have the on-line version (because I like the comfort of the paper version) these are pix I took of the actual mag, but its possible to still read and see our mention.

We also had pictures from our shop's designers Marc Pascal's  his Opposite light that we have displayed hanging from our roof, and handmade stackable stools from Mariachi Design Collective both pix in the mag where taken at Surface POP,  also in the "up front' section of the mag.

I also got a mention as the 'marketing dynamo' I have to admit - I really do like that! 

I Cant say I love this pic of the shop,  looks much better now, but to be fair this was taken in our first week

Surface POP up

The section of the article about us two other pop up where in the article as well as us

Marc Pascal's Opposite light at the shop

Mariachi Design's stackable stools in front of Aaron's glass work

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  1. That's awesome guys - keep up the great work X


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