Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Surface Artists - Andrew Mattock - Opening night January 21st 2011

Ex-Short Order Cook
Ex-Race Car Driver
Ex-Shop Assistant
Ex-Rugby Player
Ex-Goal Keeper

An itinerant backpacker
An IT consultant
A cyclist

"My work is experiments with motifs, iconography and wanting to be somewhere else; its my re-interpretation of contemporary visual culture in our clickable reality. I strive to make my paintings narrative, but usually images that have been sand blasted into my cortex, by every conceivable form of bloody mundane media, result in a dialogue of real or imagined history of the mid-20th century.

Having an industrial background, the works are usually conceived with power tools, with a self-conscious decision to use ply-wood. I am more comfortable talking two-by-fours. Ply-wood appeals to me when covered with layers of enamel, acrylic, and spray paint; they form a hybrid composition. 

Theres never really a single source of inspirations a mash up of medias, sleazy fiction, naked wrestling posters, comics about war, New Idea and washing up adverts, all pointless but illustrating our chaotic, physical and incomprehensive world.

Its not about labels or easy options; its a puzzle that I cannot solve.

 Its trying to keep the rough edges and inconsistencies while being as sloppy as possible. Its about paint and rectangles and keeping a human dimension. In the end I am Painter and I have painted a painting. My paintings are crafted of white noise on multiple layers dealing with black/white, dark/light, male/female and the Two Ronnies. Or it might just be a Gemini thing"

Andrew Mattock has had a load of media of late, and is a total go getter, he doesn't sit around and wait for the shit to hit the fan, or indeed someone to come and blab about how much they love or hate his work, he just gets to it, makes it happen, and that is a trait I truely admire, so when I asked Andew to exhibit his paintings as part of our "Chic Erotique" concept with our Comida Bebe boys doing the food and drink - he gladly obliged and is our solo "art"exhibitor for this exhibition.

Surface POP are Proud to be exhibiting Andrew Mattock in Conjunction with Comida Bebe for a erotic and gastronomic feast on Friday January 21st, 18 per person, food and drink

Call Renee on 0416873599 to book your place - limited spots available.

On the night we will be doing a sealed bid for Andrews Work "killer heels" the winner will be revealed on the final day of the exhibition....fun!


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