Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ed Sloane - photographer, Surfer & Aquatic being

Ed Sloane's Doppelganger is most definitely Kurt Cobain but an aquatic version, I'm sure Jackie, Ed's lovely girlfriend would agree, although I believe she might just be a mermaid herself! 

Sloane has an eye for a wave and a barrel and his images thrust you into an underwater would that even I would like to know 
(and that's saying something coming from a girl who saw jaws and still believes it to be true)

He's a heart kinda kid and his images spell that - that's for sure!
Hope Ed Doesn't mind me posting this, but I reckon it might just be spot on, this was Ed's last face book status update"

" I'm in love with the sea, we are going on a date this weekend. it's going to be emotional"


thats how it rolls....

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