Friday, January 28, 2011

Robbie Warden - Photographic artist, Surfer, Pirate & Adventurer

Robbie Warden is my( first) mate, keeps me calm, fixes my spelling mistakes and sees into the Crystal ball of our Surf (ace) future :)

Seaworthy photographer Robbie Warden christened in the southern seas of the Mornington Peninsula, has been traveling the mountains and coastlines of ye old world for many a years in his search of capturing hidden treasures and wonderlands.

The sea’s ginger boy, calm above and underneath, his world filled with gliding monsters and fellow adventurers.

We also have to Credit our Robbie for the amazing dreamy water image on the SURF bike POP flyer.

Robbie Warden

that's me boy (click) x

Robbies water shot

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